Glen Helen Raceway

We started our weekend off with the beautiful Southern California weather. Sun high in the sky, partly cloudy with temperatures in the low 90s, Glen Helen Raceway was the place to be Friday night. With a packed night ahead my team and I got the truck dialed for upcoming practice. Practice went smooth although we continued to have power issues which we believed was related to the carburetor. After making some adjustments to get the truck ready, we managed to qualify 7th even with the persistent power loss out of corners and off jumps. We made some more adjustments and ran the race as is, still not knowing if the truck had been fixed. We had minimal issues during the night race, although the truck still had continued power loss, we pushed hard all the way to the finish.

Mother Nature decided to give us a change in weather on Saturday with lower temps, clouds, humidity, and spotty rain. Nonetheless, we had work to do. Early that morning we got to work on the truck, changing the carburetor, ignition, fluids, and rear-gear. Lucas gave us the opportunity to take the truck out to do a quick shake-down and make sure everything was running good. Qualified a solid 7th again, although a huge improvement, the power issue still haunted us. With no other options at this point we headed into the night race to do the best we could. With the rain falling we got the night started with a boom and pushed the truck hard making up some ground on the field. Our bad luck streak didn’t improve as we ended up connecting with Lawrence and essentially gluing our trucks together. It took track crews 5 laps to get our trucks apart. I got back into the race and pushed as hard as I could the remaining few laps to the finish. I have to thank my team for helping get this truck together in time for qualifying and my fans for all the support they give. I also have to thank all my sponsors for their continued support: General Tire, KC HiLites, Camburg, King Shocks, Jamar Brakes, McKenzie’s, Patrick’s Signs, Neo Synthetics, Rancho Performance Transaxles, and Hostyle.